Wednesday, May 24

Love is in the air

Today me and my girlfriend celebrated our anniversary, we met at a Lag B'Omer campfire 4 years ago and have been together ever since. She woke me up for a romantic breakfast on our roof, and I surprised her with a picnic basket lunch at work. We skipped a fancy dinner and spent the evening watching our favorite vids.

A year from today, I think I'll propose to get married.

Sunday, May 21

Welcome to the future...

Starting a blog isn't easy, especially when you have to decide what to write your first post about, some how I reached the conclusion the easiest would be to just start from the middle as people take too long to warm up when you start at the beginning and they have no idea what's happening when you start at the end.

The only introduction I'll tire you with is:

1) My name is Shai (Which are actually the initials of my first and middle names, just like Shai Agnon)

2) I'm just under 30 and I live in Tel Aviv.

Back to the middle. Today was a good day. I had a meeting at the PADICO office in Gaza about setting up an office in the Karni Hi-Tech Zone,

I have yet to convince my boss of the idea, he still thinks Ramallah would work out better for the firm because it's closer to Jerusalem, which makes no sense since our central office is in Tel Aviv and the express train from Karni Crossing to Rishon Le Zion's Metro station is about 25 minutes from there 20 more to Tel Aviv, less in total than it would take from Ramallah to Jerusalem during rush hour.

Why must bosses always be so stubborn, I should start my own company already. Then I can be stubborn myself!