Thursday, June 22


I've been busy the past couple of weeks and got behind updating. I'm pretty surprised with all the feedback, and I promise to try and research and incorporate as much as I can from your comments and ideas. Answering questions or just flowing with subjects that come up. Note, I'd also be especially happy with any pictures you have from the future… Blogs are quite interactive in 2046, with web 12.0 technology.

Back to the future now, tonight Palestine is playing Montenegro in the final game of group E. Palestine actually have a chance of making it to the next round but it also depends on the Italy vs. Canada game.

I'm more of a basketball fan, but once every 4 years, like many others who ignore soccer most of their existence, once every 4 years that bug we call Mondial (World Cup) bites me. Since I honestly don't know much about the sport, and there is more to it than just kicking a ball around, I try to make sure to watch the games with a good friend who likes to comment here and there and in a pub with a lively crowd.

For personal reasons I'm an Argentina fan, which works out fine since they are a great team! But this year since Palestine qualified, I am intensely involved with their future as well (Like most of the rest of Israel). Just as I try to be in an English Pub for any England game I watch, and a "Russian" restaurant if I catch any former "Soviet" teams playing, I make sure to catch all Palestine's games at "Fadi's" my favorite sports pub in Bethlehem.

And you thought you could escape World Cup Fever!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Shai, to be honest with you as much as I like them to go to the next round, I don’t think they are going to make it, apparently Abdollah Mousa wont be playing because of knee injury and considering that Omar Ayyad already has a yellow card and has to play very cautious, I don’t see how they want to score!

Blogger Unknown said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

Am like you more of a basketball fan; but always enjoyed watching the WC's semi-final and final :)
We're still a long way from that, so I decided to take the express train from Beirut to Jerusalem tomorrow; thought it would be nice to bring my grand-children on a pilgrimage spend some time in Jerusalem and visit Bethleem.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who do you like for the next election? My wife is a die-hard Shas-Ra'am supporter (she's half kavkazi and half bedouin, so they've got her both ways), my daughter supports the Greens but I'm more of an old-fashioned Social Democrat. Although I'm thinking of voting Brit Olam again with this year's proposal for administrative decentralization.

Blogger Shai 2046 said...

Azah, Palestine didn't make it to the next round :( but they did play nicely until now…

Anonymous, I'll post about the next elections and politics in the future; I'd like to research it a bit more :)

Free Cedar, I hope you like the new post, you Refugee and Lisa were a big part in inspiring it. Please comment on it!

I'll post from Beirut in the future!

Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

I can't believe Israel won the World Cup 12 years ago. I was a bit younger then but was celebrating with Yael and Lisa in Beirut at Moshe's Lounge. Still can't believe they beat Brazil in that final. It's good to see Palestine starting to show it's real colours though.

Blogger Shai 2046 said...

Refugee, I can see you are really into science fiction :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is so great that we now have peace with all our friends. i am sure that tomer 'sai is so happy watching us from the big heavens.ima


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