Friday, June 2

Modern Traveller

Last week when in Gaza City I took some personal time to check out the Al- Mashtal Hotel and the Newer Gaza Club Med. My cousins are coming in from Europe next week, and as they are flying into Gaza Airport with Air Salam (A budget airline). I thought I might greet them in Gaza and we could spend Shavuot together at the beach. I haven't been to the airport in Gaza since I flew with Palestinian Airlines to Dubai last year and the renovations are supposedly amazing.

I spend way too much time in airports, most people hate them but I find them comforting in a way, you always know more or less what to expect in a modern airport, food, gift-shops, VIP lounges for those who have enough miles or membership.

I also love flights, most people who fly a lot will tell you how much they hate them, but I truly enjoy everything about flying, from the little trays of compartmentalized food to the smell of a different country when landing. I get a lot of internet tasks done while on flights and sometimes indulge myself in the gaming console (since I don't have one at home). Israir's direct flight to Melbourne on the Boeing 777-200LR was an especially good flight as I won 2000$ playing in-flight poker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh...if only. It's a wonderful dream. Maybe someday

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me you are a real time traveller and you really saw all that? *sigh*

Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

Forget Dubai. Can you fly to Beirut instead? From Tel Aviv, not Gaza. Or is there a high-speed railway that goes there instead? What's Syria doing? Is Bashar's son the new president or is it the new hip place? A model for democracy....or are we still killing each other. Jew vs. Arab. Cousin murdering cousin.

Blogger Ari said...

I find it odd that airplane food still sounds so crappy in your time. Seriously, WTF man? Nothing about how everyone is vegetarian because of how the Palestinian-Israel Agricultural Co-operative designed industrial hydropnic farming to deal with the limited land mass that resulted from the Israelis improper use of the periphery for settling its population. And pot, which is legal.

Great fucking post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog man, really wish life was so nice and simple, and i don't mean that in a sarcastic way - maybe one day people will stop hating each other...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Shai, have you noticed how some things seem so far in the future or even unrealistic in Middle East while at the same time other people are enjoying them elsewhere on the earth as their inevitable rights. Obviously the most immediate one is the peace. Being an Iranian, since I spent most of my childhood during Iran-Iraq war I remember how I could not comprehend how life is for countries which have not been at war and how funny it sounded to me when they said foreigners are afraid of traveling to Iran since Iran is in war! I thought for myself what is wrong with them how could they be afraid of something which is part of our everyday life?
But after the war ended and I grew up, I realized I, as a child had as much right as any child in the world not to grow up in war and it is so sad that we were not given the opportunity by our politicians. Of course it must be far more incomprehensible for Palestinian and Israeli kids where the conflict has been going on much longer that it is only their natural right to live in peace.
Anyway I like to dream that in 2046 (if alive I am probably going to be a senior scientist) it has already been for sometime that my colleagues from Israel, Iran and other countries in ME have started this summer Science camps for high school students from all over middle east which are held each year in a different country to promote primary science but also friendship between the cultures. Something that in my opinion is so important and on the other hand is simple enough and is done every year all over the world but needs more effort to actually execute it in the Middle East itself.

Blogger Yael K said...

What. A. Great. Blog. I wanna live in this future. Agh, and I wanna live in it right now! Please keep spinning out these dreams that may one day also be realities. Wow. Go Shai!

Blogger Shai 2046 said...

Thanks everyone! I don't really see anything here as a "dream" more like a plan.

If that's how you think of it, it becomes something possible.

I'll try to incorporate comments into future posts, and I really should go visit Beirut :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there!!!!

Shai, do you hold a Middle Eastern Union passport ? you know, this union that was created in 2020, a long time ago...

GREAT GREAT GREAT blog! Keep it up! We need people who are able to look towards the future....instead of the ones we have now and who are only good at looking back at the past!

Blogger Shai 2046 said...

Perpetual Refugee: Thanks for the questions, I'll try to get to them all slowly, just posted about the trains to Beirut… Syria will need some research and positive thinking before I put something down in text :) I'm still going to Dubai though… I've wanted to go since 2000 (Well, my less-virtual father has anyways)

Ari: Airplane food will always be crappy unless you fly first class, that's how they get you to pay so much :) Not as many people are vegetarian as you'd think, but most Israeli meat is still imported from Argentina in 2046 as far as I know, so land mass isn't a problem. Pot… is legal, I'll post about that when I'm in the mood.

Anonymous: It's a pitty you didn't leave a name, thanks for the interesting comment, I enjoyed reading it! Good luck in becoming a senior scientists. Maybe you can tell us more about the Science camps?

Yael: Thanks Again :)

Ramzi: I'm thinking a lot about "The Middle East Union" and I hope to post about it soon. Thanks for the kind words!! I've noticed your comments around the net as well and am waiting for you to put up something with it's own url/address :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

coming up soon , .... :-)


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