Tuesday, August 22

Dreamer... but i'm not the only one.

I've been away…

I really wanted to post, but issues in my personal life have kept me away from my blog (Yes, we still have problems in the future.)

It might be another few days before I get an original post together, so in the meantime check out this very interesting project :

Imagine the “city of peace” in Jerusalem in the year 2050, C.E.

Jointly sponsored by MIT's Department of Urban Studies & Planning and the Center for International Studies, with the participation of Palestinian and Israeli scholars, activists, business leaders, youth, and others, Jerusalem 2050 is a uniquely visionary and problem-solving project. It seeks to understand what it would take to make Jerusalem , a city also known as Al Quds, claimed by two nations and central to three religions, "merely" a city, a place of difference and diversity in which contending ideas and citizenries can co-exist in benign, yet creative, ways.

Taken from Jerusalem 2050

(I'd be happy to know of anyone who decides to take part in the project or would like to maybe form some sort of team and submit to the design competition)